Interview: Building Muscle on a Raw Food Diet

Interview with Lauren Kinsey of The Raw Built Body Project

(LK) What was your personal experience with gaining muscle while eating Raw Food?

(Sungoddess) I recently had to photograph for article in Natural Muscle Magazine and approached my partner Nick Stern aka “Natureboy” about an effective fitness plan. I only had 30 days to achieve my goal so I had no time to waste. Being a former competitive bodybuilder, he was armed with valuable yet unconventional training and nutrition advice. He recommended supplementing my diet with the purest, most nutrient dense raw and living plant foods. I took his advice and found that I rarely felt hungry because the food I was consuming was so nutrient rich. In addition to raw foods, I supplemented my diet with high quality superfoods. I was able to decrease body fat while increasing muscle size and strength.

(LK) In what ways does eating Raw Food make it easier for people to gain muscle?

(Sungoddess) Raw foods are nutrient dense and provide you with essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Most people will notice an increase in energy, strength and endurance. Recovery time is significantly improved. You gain a mental clarity and positive outlook on your life which carries over to your workouts. You will feel empowered and recharged. Even your rest will improve which is essential for muscle growth. Raw foods help balance and optimize the necessary hormones for weight loss and muscle gain, increase your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, and help the body rid itself of harmful toxins, therefore laying the ground for a strong foundation.

(LK) What are some Raw Food ways people can tweak their diet, to have an even easier time gaining muscle?

(Sungoddess) A slow transition to raw food is recommended. Most people get discouraged because initially your strength levels will decline. That’s just your body naturally detoxing. Eventually you will balance out and commence regaining and actually increasing strength. Just as with any routine, you should train regularly, consistently, and with intensity. For example, instead of jogging perhaps you might opt to do sprints. In addition, you want to train as heavy as you can without injuring yourself of course. Once you begin your raw food journey, you will become very in tune with your body. I advise consuming protein every few hours for positive nitrogen retention. A good plant based protein is ideal. It’s a misconception that plant based proteins are inferior to animal protein sources. A superior plant based protein is more potent and absorbable than the same amount of other non-living animal proteins. I use a raw vegan hypoallergenic plant-based protein called Sunwarrior. You may even want to incorporate superfoods like fresh coconuts, Goji Berries, Bee Pollen, MACA, MSM, and plenty of Greens. Make sure to add good fats to your diet like avocados, nuts and Coconut Oil.

(LK) Have you created any resources (books, DVDs, articles, etc) that may be helpful for those who want to gain muscle on a Raw Food diet? Are there any resources you would recommend?

(Sungoddess) I don’t have any resources of my own (yet). I will be posting videos of me training on our site soon. You will see me easily leg press 10 plates and rip a phone book in half! A little trick I learned from expert kettlebell instructor and strongman John Wild Buckley. I highly recommend the book “Superfoods” by David Wolfe. It’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about superfood nutrition.

(LK) What is your website?


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2 responses to “Interview: Building Muscle on a Raw Food Diet

  1. shape begins with correct food.

  2. It is amazing how raw foods helps to shape up our bodies. Great article!

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